Olive Leaf Extract and an Ear Infection

Olive leaf extract just might be a miracle medicine and can even help someone with an ear infection. Have you ever had an ear infection when you were growing up? I used to have them frequently when I was a child but haven’t had one since. This type of infection usually occurs when bacteria invades the area behind the eardrum which is air filled. Usually children are much more likely to get them than adults. Maybe over time our body or immune system gets smarter so we can eliminate the infection before it happens.

The reason ear infections cause so much pain is due to inflammation. Also inflammation is also what causes pain if someone has arthritis and occurs when the immune system starts to attack healthy tissues.

The bad news with infections that target the ear is that treatment is fairly limited. Usually medical professionals let this ailment cure itself on its own, however if the problem is really bad than antibiotics may be used. If ear infections persist long enough someone can even experience hearing loss due to the viruses and bacteria that are penetrating this area.

The olive leaf is somewhat of an interesting herb. In the Holy Bible when Moses was out at sea a dove flew to him delivering an olive leaf to signal that the waters are receding. Throughout history this olive leaf has been used for a variety of healing purposes. One of its abilities is that it’s anti-microbial.

The biggest problem with antibiotics such as Penicillin which was the first one, is that bacteria can become smart and become resistant to it. So say using olive leaf extract on an ear infection just might do the trick of killing it because the bacteria may not be expecting it.

Olive leaf can also help knock out viruses. In a study done this substance was able to effectively fight some of the worst culprits such as polio, influenza and herpes. It has also been documented to be able to treat ear infections. Also this herb is anti-inflammatory, which is mostly responsible for the pain with ear infection and also arthritis.

Plus many health experts link inflammation with cancer so by eliminating this auto-immune disorder someone can cut their chance of getting cancer.

One of the methods that someone can acquire olive leaf extract is through a multi-vitamin. The bad news with multi-vitamins as well as supplements is that they can be very confusing and even harmful. In fact from 2007 to 2011 over 200 brands have been recalled for being dangerous.

The best way to protect yourself is to learn about the industry and how to choose a good brand. Unfortunately this information is fairly hard to get which is why I created an eBook. The best part about this eBook is that it’s FREE and you can learn more by clicking on FREE eBook on supplements.