L-Carnosine Benefits

L-carnisone has many antioxidants which can stop free radicals and deadly substances from causing damage and this is just one of its benefits. L-carnisone is an amino acid that is naturally created in the cells of the human body, however as someone gets older with age they may produce less of this needed substance.

L-carnisone which can also be known as carnisone or the anti-aging substance can help someone slow down the aging process. The aging process is when someone’s system deteriorates with time.

Many facts cause this however free radicals are a main contributor because they attack someone’s cells and organs which can cause all types of problems like wrinkles, weakened organs and maybe even cancer. What antioxidants do is prevent free radicals from doing damage and L-carnosine has some extremely powerful antioxidants.

This substance can also assist with reducing and preventing heart disease. What happens is that that this nutrient can make the tissue around the heart muscle stronger which can strengthen the heart. Having a weak heart is one reason that heart disease occurs, however it’s not nearly as common as having a clogged artery.

Strengthening the heart can still assist with a clogged artery because a stronger pump may not be as effected by the blockage in the artery.

L-carnisone also has the ability to assist with healing cuts, scrapes and wounds by repairing the tissue.

In one study in the late 1990’s scientists gave this herb to rats that had wounds and discovered that it healed their wounds faster. However more tests are needed to be done on humans to determine if it could truly help. Also the antioxidants in this substance help keep the skin looking younger as well as firmer.

Carnisone can also help protect the brain because it can prevent plaque buildup which can lead to Alzheimer’s and other brain ailments. Lastly it has been known to prevent eye problems such as cataracts. Senior citizens that have taken this nutrient have reported less symptoms associated with this disease.

Yes it’s true that our bodies create this substance however the older we get with age the less we manufacture it. One way to add this nutrient into our body is by taking it with an herbal supplement.

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