How Does Olive Leaf Affect Pregnancy?

Olive leaf can affect pregnancy by making a positive difference in the mother’s health which can be connected to the baby. The olive tree which just might have been the tree of life in the Holy Bible is where the olive leaf comes from. Around 300 BC ancient Greeks believed that the olive leaf was made from the goddess Athena who empowered it to erase darkness, nourish the body and heal wounds.

In 1800 a physician by the name of Dr. Pallas used olive leaf extract for the first time to help someone with Malaysia around the country of Greece.

In ancient Greek there was a physician named Hippocrates which was also known as the father of medicine because he healed many people a very long time ago. This physician used olive oil in many of his medicines. This herb can do many wonderful things which is one of the reasons that it grew in popularity throughout time.

For instance one of the biggest benefits that this substance can provide is by lowering cholesterol.

Cholesterol can be unhealthy because it can stick to the walls of arteries narrowing the passageways. Arteries are which carry blood from the heart to various tissues and cells that use the nutrients from the blood and it’s used to eliminate waste. Less blood and important cells can’t do their job properly, which results in poor health.

Also if the artery walls become too small a blockage can occur which can stop the heart from doing its job properly. This is what is known as a heart attack and is the leading cause of death in the United States.

I’m a guy, so I couldn’t imagine how difficult it could be to be pregnant. One of the ways olive leaf can help is by increasing blood flow.

What this can do is improve the health of a woman all over by allowing extra oxygen and nutrients to reach various tissue, cells and organs. There is a lot of pressure that gets put on a female when she is carrying a child.

A long time ago death was usually the result of being pregnant due to a lot of stress that is put on her body. This is why it’s important that a pregnant woman get all the help she can to her body to help it with the difficult task of  feeding, supporting and helping grow a baby.

Another way that this herb can help with pregnancy is that some health experts believe that this herb can allow nutrients to pass between mother and child. These nutrients may be able to benefit the baby in early development. Lastly olive leaf extract can assist with eliminating unhealthy free radicals and unhealthy molecules which can assist both the mother and child health.

There are a variety of ways that someone can take olive leaf extract. The easiest would be to take it in supplement form, plus someone can consume much more of this nutrient without the side effects of olive oil which is all the fat that could contribute to someone being overweight.

There are more products to choose from than clouds in the sky and that can be both good and bad. How does someone really know what to look for in a supplement?

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