Grape Seed Extract Benefits for Hair Growth

Some people do not like being bald and want to grow their hair and grape seed extract may be able to do this along with giving someone some more benefits. Grape seed extract comes from as you can probably guess grapes. For the most part they are created from companies that create wine products.

What happens is that these companies don’t use every single grape so instead of throwing away good nutrients they put this into an extract, which can be sold.

Hair usually goes through two phases there is the resting phase and then there is the growing phase. During the resting phase it is normal for some strands of hair to fall out of someone’s head, however if too much hair falls out of the scalp then this can be a medical problem.

Alopecia is the medical term when it comes to hair loss. How exactly someone can become bald really is determined by a number of facts.

One of the reasons hairs can fall out is stress. During times of stress the human body sends out different signals that it does when it operating under normal conditions. An example of this would be the fight or flight syndrome in which a person is filled with adrenaline before a fight. These signals can affect hair growth in a way that is negative.

Someone can also receive hair loss due to age. Aging is a process in which someone’s health will deteriorate and can cause hair loss. Also genetics can play a part as well for example if someone’s parents and grandparents had thin hair then there is a good chance that person will have the same type of hair problem.

Grape seed extract can assist with growing hair because it can slow or stop the manufacturing of DHT which encourages hair loss. Grape seeds can also assist hair follicles to help them grow hair.

Scientists in Japan tested mice by splitting a group into two and cutting off all of their hair. One group received grape seed extract while the second group did not and the conclusion was that grape seed extract grew around 75% of hair in the mice while the other group grew back around 40%.

Grape seed extract comes in a supplement form however there is some bad news to this. From 2007 to 2011 over 200 brands have been recalled for being dangerous to someone’s health.

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