Do You Know How Much Lutein Is Good For The Eyes??

If you don’t know how much lutein is good for the eyes, well it’s not an easy question to answer.  Lutein is a nutrient which is commonly found in green leafy foods and in some animal fats, some fruits and eggs. In your eye there is something called a macula which is a yellow dot towards the back of your eyeball.

The reason it’s yellow is that it can absorb ultraviolet light and protect the eye.  Ultraviolet light or another name for it is UV light comes from the sun.  The ozone layer blocks most of it however not 100% of it.  In some places in the world there is less of an ozone layer than other places.  If a person gets a  sunburn this is caused by UV rays.

Can you guess what the macula is made up of? Lutein and another antioxidant called zeaxanthin.

It is to be believed that this nutrient lutein can protect someone from macular degeneration because it can help block out this UV radiation.  Macular degeneration is a disease where the central vision of a person is blurry and activities that increase this risk is smoking, heavy alcohol intake, getting to much sun and a family history of this ailment.

Having a cataract is another ailment which can harm someone’s vision.  What happens is that that cataract of an eye which is supposed to be clear becomes cloudy, which makes it harder for a person to see.

Some studies and health specialist believe that taking lutein can help someone protect themselves from this disease as well as it can have some healing affects. In one study of around 230 people between the ages of 18 to 60 they were given 12 mg’s of lutein daily.  The result was that it slowed vision loss.

Ok so here is the million dollar question, how much lutein should someone take to protect themselves?

What is really interesting is that there is not much information on overdosing on it. I read on a health article that someone’s skin could start to turn brown or orange. The effects could be different with each person and also it’s not crystal clear on the exact dosage that would result in an overdose.

7-12 Mgs is the usual high end of what someone should take and anything above this could result in an overdose. If someone does consume too much of this nutrient they probably should drink lots of fluids until it leaves their system.

Another aspect that someone should think about it is that besides taking a supplement when someone eats vegetables, fruit, eggs, and some meat they add this mineral to their diet.  This is why a good dosage for a supplement is between 6-9 milligrams a day.

Then eat a variety of foods through the day and that is probably a good start for how much lutein is good for the eyes. In conclusion you probably should take a supplement for lutein.  It is really difficult to get 7-12 mgs  day of this nutrient unless you eat spinach like Popeye (he is a cartoon character that eats tons of spinach).

Finding a good company can be challenging.  I would recommend learning about what to look for in a supplement before going shopping.

Not only can this make the process easier but it might even be fun. Plus you will not have to worry about purchasing a product that is not only a waste of money but is harmful. To learn how to choose a good supplement click on supplement guide.